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Our Advantage

Why Choose Syntex?

Every successful business must have a convincing “why” before introducing their products to the market. Our “why” covers all three aspects that are important to every consumer: quality, price, and customer service.

Syntex Classic is a high quality and high performance roofing underlayment. It’s manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility and is priced to sell.

Syntex meets and exceeds expectations of both the U.S. consumers and roofing professionals. Syntex Classic provides quality products and promotes safer worksite environment.

Our roofing products are lightweight and come in a 10-square roll for increased coverage per roll compared to traditional felt underlayments. In addition, synthetic underlayment is very strong and has excellent skid and tear resistance.

In this regard, Syntex Classic is like any other top quality roofing underlayment, except that it costs up to 70 percent less compared to the products of our closest competitors.

Needless to say, lower cost doesn’t mean inferior product!

At Syntex, we believe in running a profitable, yet responsible business. Our business model works based on smart, sustainable outsourcing paired with optimized distribution, savvy marketing, and fair pricing practices.

Finally, being a small privately owned company, we are able to remain agile, more responsive and as much consumer-facing as possible. We may use third party distributors and salesforce, but we’re still accessible to both roofing professionals and homeowners.

Try us, send us an email or give us a call!

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